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Posted at 2:53 م on أغسطس 26, 2008 | أضف تعليق | Filed Under: General | إقرأ المزيد

Middle East Market for Halal cosmetic products estimated at US$ 2.1 billion

Dubai(SANEPR.com) March 29, 2007 –Dubai looks set to capitalize on the burgeoning halal cosmetic market, currently worth an estimated AED 2.06 billion ($560 million) worldwide. The city’s potential is aligned to its position as regional hub for the distribution of halal commodities; a market that is worth a global total of $2 trillion. Enhancing Dubai’s […]

Posted at 2:48 م on أغسطس 26, 2008 | أضف تعليق | Filed Under: General | إقرأ المزيد


This is a guidelines for Muslim businessmen and consumers.

Islam as a religion gives a comprehensive framework for conducting business and protecting the consumers’ rights. Apparently, this framework seems similar to the commercial laws but glaring differences between the two exist: commercial laws are a relatively new phenomena and are made by humans for the sake of convenience only. Islamic law on the other hand, provided such guidelines 1500 years ago that are based on divine principles set by Allah. Moreover, there is no reward in complying with the commercial laws but Allah promised the believers rewards both in this world and the Hereafter for complying with Islamic principles.