Gelatin is a derived water soluble protein made by controlled hydrolytic conversion of collagen, the protein constituent of white fibrous connective tissue from animals.

Gelatin is obtained from one of the following:

  • Beef bones and calf skin (Gelatin type B) or
  • Skin, hide splits and trimming of pork (Gelatin type A)
  • Gelatin is also obtained from fish. The fish gelatin is started coming to markets in 1993 (Muslim Consumer Group reported in one of Chicago Muslim news paper in 1993). It is expensive than pork and beef and also provide little unpleasant smell to the food products.
    Fish gelatin is used in Procter & Gamble’s Sunny Delight fruit drinks. It is combined with Beta carotene a plant based color as a processing aid ingredient (not reported under the ingredients list) to help disperse the Beta carotene in liquid system. Fish gelatin was also used by Saputo Cheese Company under Stella, Frigo, Lorraine and Dragone brands for low fat and reduced fat cheeses. The Fish gelatin meets the Islamic dietary requirements and is considered as a Halal ingredient.
  • Majority of Muslims do not purchase food products containing gelatin but a minority of Muslims consume food products made from Non-Zabiha beef gelatin. If these products are not under kosher certification, the manufacturer can change the source of gelatin from Non-Zabiha to pork.


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