The Halal Certification Process

I. What is Halal certification?
The ISA symbol on your products or services indicates that their Halal status is being independently monitored by the staff of Islamic Services of America. That symbol is recognized by the Muslim consumer as the sign that your products meet the strictest standards of Halal.

II. The Application
Describe your company and its operations. The more we know and understand, the more effectively and rapidly we can process an application. The application includes:

A. Company Profile
Please let us know the contact to coordinate and communicate with. Describe your objectives, needs and goals.

B. Plant Profile
The maintenance of a Halal program requires the close involvement of the production supervisors. Let us know who is in charge of production, who orders the raw materials, and who is in charge of packaging and materials. If the products intended for certification or those identical to them are made at more than one facility, we need to know the location of each production site and a Plant Profile for each site.

C. Plant Raw Material Listing
If a product is to be considered Halal, all its ingredients need to be Halal. Halal sensitive materials may be approved from recognized sources. Identification of the manufacturer for each item (a broker or distributor name may not be adequate) is required. Other factors in the plant may affect the Halal status of the product. Are release agents Halal? Are other products on the same processing line Halal? A complete raw material and ingredient listing for each product is required. ISA adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality. If requested or required, ISA is more than happy to sign confidentiality agreements.

D. Product Approval Request
Tell us about the product(s) for certification. The ingredient component list will help us determine if the product can be Halal. The primary label brand name is required and also for private labeling (i.e., where your company’s name does not appear). Please provide the distributor’s name and particulars.

III. Initial Inspection and Evaluation
Subsequent to a satisfactory review of an application, the facility will need to be reviewed by a Field Representative. ISA charges the company for the travel costs associated with an inspection. The field report will be reviewed by ISA for certification approval.

IV. The Approval

ISA Halal certification is a cooperative effort between ISA and the manufacturer to provide Halal products to Muslim consumers. The certification approval is designed to meet specific needs or situations pertaining to a company’s Halal program.

V. Re-Inspection and Certification
Upon completion of the Halal certification process, ISA’s designated Inspector will review the compliance. ISA will issue the Halal certificate, and Halal production may commence. The company or production/processing facility will be reviewed periodically by an ISA representative. A Plant Inspection is required annually to maintain “Halal-Approval Status.”

Our Commitment

ISA is committed to servicing the Halal industry in a timely, efficient, professional and reputable manner. We would appreciate your comments and welcome any questions.


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