Yeast is a single celled plant that has been useful to mankind since pre-historic times. There are numerous applications of yeast in the food industry

  • Baker’s Yeast: Halal
    The role of baker yeast in baking industry is to leaven bread and related products. Baker’s Yeast is a Halal yeast.
  • Brewer’s Yeast:
    This type of yeast is used in fermenting sugar in malt to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide in beer making.
  • Wine Yeast:
    This yeast is used in making wine.
  • Alcohol Yeast :
    Yeast is used in production of alcohol.
  • Torula Yeast:
    Torula Yeast grows on sulfite waste and sulfite liquors. It is also grown on sugar cane. Torula yeast grown on sulphite liquor containing alcohol is not recommended for Muslims.

If it is grown on sugar cane then it is considered Halal.

  • Autolyzed Yeast Extracts or Yeast Extracts:
    Autolyzed yeast extracts are available as a powder derived from Baker’s Yeast or Brewer’s Yeast. After brewing the beer, the brewer yeast is separated from the beer and subjected to self digestion, the hydrolysis of yeast cell protein by the proteolytic enzymes indigenous to yeast cell.

Brewer’s yeast extracts are used in soups, meat products, gravies, snacks, crackers, part of some of the culture media in cheese making. It is used in flavors and also vitamins.
Baker’s yeast extracts are used in non flavoring foods.

The Islamic Scholars have different opinions regarding the brewer’s yeast extracts. Some considered it Halal, some say, it is Mukrooh and some advise not to consume foods containing brewer’s yeast extract. Our Islamic scholar considered it Halal if the alcohol penetrated inside the yeast cell and changed to new thing. There is no literature available to indicate that alcohol inside yeast react and changed to a new thing. This is the reason we do not consider yeast extract from beer making as a Halal ingredient.

Please consult your Sheik or Imam on this topic.


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