Nestle plans to double export of halal products


PASIR PUTEH: Top processed food producer Nestle (Manufacturing) Sdn Bhd has managed to market its latest halal products in 40 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan as well as in the European Union and the Middle East.

This is an encouraging trend and next year, Nestle plans to double its export of halal products especially its tomato sauce, the company’s halal product community chairman Othman Mohd Yussof says.

“As the halal food product is growing rapidly in a globalised environment, Nestle needs to tap its tremendous potential,” Othman said during a working visit to the Bukit Awang Farmers Organisation Area (LPP) here on Wednesday.

The Nestle delegation led by Othman was here to study the possibility of a new strategic alliance with farmers here. The RM1.2mil factory, managed by the farmers, processes chilli into small packages to be sold commercially.

“The factory is one of our main suppliers of chilli. Currently, we are purchasing from them about 400 metric tonnes annually,” Othman said on the sidelines of his visit here.

Once its production line is upgraded, Nestle can increase its purchase of chilli from the factory to 1,000 metric tonnes yearly, Othman said, adding that the company was willing to provide technical training to boost production at the factory.

He said securing proper suppliers of food ingredients was essential in positoning Nestle as a top producer of halal food in Malaysia.

In a related development LPP general manager Ishak Mat Rotin said the factory which is a source of pride for the farming community, can maximise its production of processed chilli to 1,500 metric tonnes yearly depending on the market’s demand factor.

“If we can increase production, there is a cyclical effect as more farmers can grow chilli plants on a commercial scale,” Ishak said.

In turn, this can boost their income as most farmers grow chilli plants here mostly as a supplement commodity to the main income providers which are padi, oil palm, rubber and tobacco.


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