The 2005 DS100 :Consumer Brands of the Top 100 Companies in the Muslim World

From indigenous automobiles, consumer electronics, and telecom companies, to the worlds leading oil & gas, other mining, and infrastructure companies–the DS100 continues to represent an aggregation of exciting and diverse set of businesses in the Muslim World.  Amongst this diversity is also a healthy mix
of consumer brands, many of which are not apparent due to their holding/ parent identity being listed on the ranking.

Consumer Brands of the
Top 100 Companies from the Muslim World

Chart:, 2006,
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Arcelik, Vestel, Emirates, Ulker and Proton are amongst the strongest of these brands. Although none are represented in the Business Week/ InterBrand ranking of Top 100 Global brands, many have ventured beyond their domestic markets and are competing as regional and or global brands.

Below is a brief profile of some of the most exciting consumer brands of the DS100 companies.

Proton – Malaysia
DS100 Rank – #75
PROTON is Malaysia’s own indigenous automotive brand marketed in over 50 countries.  Its own engine family, the Campro, powers the Gen.2 making PROTON a truly independent automotive manufacturer. Proton was ranked 11th by JD Power statistic 2004. Lotus Engineering UK, one of the world’s leading automotive engineering consultancy companies is a wholly-owned subsidiary, giving PROTON valuable research and design capabilities.
Samand – Iran
DS100 Rank #37

Samand is the national car of Iran produced by Iran Khodro Corporation, the largest car manufacturer in the Middle East. The car is now being marketed in more than ten Arab and Central Asian countries.
Vestel – Turkey
Consumer Electronics
DS100 Rank #64
Vestel today has an impressive 20% of Europe’s color TV market share. It leads the European market in terms on unit sales followed by Philips and Beko (another Turkish brand.) It also operates in television components, personal computers; PC monitors and white goods, and has R&D centers in Turkey, UK and even the Silicon Valley. Vestel is the largest exporter of Turkey, marketing its cutting edge products to 103 countries.
Arcelik – Turkey
Consumer Electronics
DS100 Rank #12
(Part of Koc Holding)

Arcelik is Europe’s fifth largest household appliance maker (refrigerators, washing machine, oven, dishwasher), with its brand repeatedly voted #1 in turkey for the last 11 years by a national survey. Arcelik’s extensive line of products are available in over a 100 countries. Its proclaims a vision to posess one of the top 10 brands in the world within 5 years. It is also one of the top four companies in the European durable consumer goods sector with the highest number of patents to its name.

Beko – Turkey
Consumer Electronics
DS100 Rank #12 (Part of Koc Holding)

Beko, with its own line of television sets, DVD’s, personal computers, and more is the first brand in Turkey ever to export its products under its own brand, with the objective to become a “World Brand”. Having achieved a great deal in the domestic market first, Beko has now managed to introduce its brand to millions of consumers in more than a 100 countries worldwide.

Ülker – Turkey
DS100 Rank #39

Ülker was established sixty years ago with a belief that “everyone has the right to a happy childhood no matter where in the world they live.” Today its delivering upon this vision to the world with its well known line of chocolates and biscuits available and marketed in 95 countries.

Indomie – Indonesia
DS Rank #72 (Part of Indofood)
Indofood is the largest instant noodles manufacturer and the largest flour miller in the world! It sells around nine billion packs of instant noodles globally to over 50 countries annually under the Indomie brand. Indomie is the most popular instant noodles brand of Indofood. Indofood recently broke a Guinness World Record for “The Largest Serving of Noodles.”

Tat – Turkey
DS100 Rank #12 (Part of Koc Holding)
Tat, a Koc Holding company, is a leading food and distribution company. Its an emerging brand of tomato and other food products such as tomato paste, ketchup, canned vegetables etc. Its products are marketed globally in over 70 countries.

Aafia – Saudi Arabia
DS100 Rank #85

Aafia is the leading edible oil brand of the Middle East market with dominant presence in many of its 20 markets. It either ranks number one or two in most of these markets.

Ramstore – Turkey
DS100 Rank #12 (Part of Koc Holding)

Ramstore is the international brand of Migros, the largest supermarket chain in Turkey. Its presence is mostly in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Today there are 60 international supermarkets and together with Migros there are a total of 564 supermarkets globally. In Russia its biggest market, there are 39 super and hypermarkets.

Finansbank – Turkey
DS100 Rank #94

Finansbank and its subsidiaries operate not just in Turkey but also in a total of 10 other countries: Switzerland, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Romania, Ireland and Bahrain. Providing both branch services and the full range of banking products, this multinational structure makes Finansbank the Turkish bank with the largest international presence.
Arab Bank – Jordan
DS100 Rank #88
Arab Bank provides personal and corporate banking and investment services with a presence in every Arab country in which private sector banking services are permitted, and global network of more than 400 branches and offices in more than 25 countries on five continents.

Gulf Air – Bahrain
DS100 Rank #98

Gulf Air’s vision is to be “a world-class airline in which the cultural richness and traditions of Arabia are brought to life.” . Its innovative services include its award wining Sky Nannies, a unique onboard service for the young travellers. Gulf Air flies to more than 30 countries.

Emirates Group – UAE
DS100 Rank #24

Dubai-based Emirates is one of the fastest growing brands in the world and has received more than 250 international awards for excellence since its launch in 1985. One of the most notable of these accolades is the Skytrax Airline of the Year award. The airline flies to 55 countries and has growing sports sponsorship visibility. In 2004 it signed the biggest deal in English football history with the legendary Arsenal Football Club worth some £100 million.
Turkish Airlines – Turkey
DS100 Rank #53

As the flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airlines is serving as a bridge between the Turkish Republics of Central Asia, the Balkans, the Middle and Far East, the Americas and Europe with routes to 55 countries.
Malaysia Airlines – Malaysia
DS100 Rank #59

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has been ranked as one of only four 5 Star airline by the aviation rating organisation, Skytrax, which rates more than 300 airlines. The airline has coverage in 45 countries.
Petronas – Malaysia
DS100 Rank #3

PETRONAS is the largest and State owned Malaysian business enterprise serving as an integrated international oil and gas company with business interests in 31 countries. It retails and markets its branded petroleum products and services in 6 countries.
Emaar – UAE
Real Estate
DS100 Rank #83

Emaar’s signature developments have been at the heart of the Dubai ‘economic miracle’. It introduced masterplanned lifestyle communities to the UAE and now it is taking its winning formula to the rest of the world.  It has become the biggest real estate company in the world by market capitalisation. With collaboration and its own presence it has projects in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, India as well as other international markets.


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